Saturday, 29 August 2015

Visiting Jersey

I made a little trip this summer. John did a brilliant job looking after the animals on his own and I could not wait to go home and help out. That's the way I travel. I get home sick at the airport going out. On the other hand, after my little trip, I'm now convinced that we should have donkeys and a Jersey cow, or two. Both the sweetest animals and they would fit right in with our lot. Animals with a mind of their own seem to find us... But I do not want peacocks; thank you and meerkats would not like the cold.

Meerkats likes me, though. It was quite embarrassing when a whole team of them started following me around their pen at Durrells, the wildlife park, on the island of Jersey. They must have thought I was related. A small boy who had been screaming his head off to get them closer burst in to tears. I kindly asked him to be a little quieter and he might stand a chance to actually meet them. I thought his granddad would hug me, as he had been saying the same thing. Funny how some family's thinks everything must be so loud an action filled. Even visiting animals...

                                                           Credit: Dasha Dimitrova

The hotel where I was staying had the most charming staff. One morning I was up a bit earlier than breakfast and found some of the waiters busy out in the garden. They were feeding sparrows, finches and blackbirds (I think) with bird breakfast. There were also water bowls and happy dispositions on both parts. It turned out this was done every morning and it made me really happy. It goes to show that nice people really have a need to help others. The bickering about right or wrong did not disturb me, or the birds. The debate was about the fact that what would happen to the birds when the staff went on holiday. I suggested a big bird feeder so then we started talking about rats instead. They could find the feeder, but none of us knew if there were any rats around. All in all, a very clever discussion. But it was before morning coffee and the point was that they cared.      

So now I am really looking forward to going home tomorrow to see our animals. Mr Chip will have claimed my bed and the sheep will be miffed that I have not fed them constantly. As for our chickens, who knows how their mind works but at least they are all alive. (more about that later...). So if you want to do an interesting outing you should go to visit Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. And some Jersey cows.

Do visit The Durrell foundations web site and join, they do an amazing job saving what can be saved and they have very good cakes at their zoo cafe.

Text by Nina

Next post will be on the 6th September.. Welcome back and tell your friends!

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