Sunday, 13 September 2015

Last thoughts on worldwide animals, for now.....

You should enjoy this little interlude of traveling thoughts as I will soon be back with stories about our family pets.

I was told yesterday about how the Durrell foundation were struggling with saving the tortoise, as tattooing a number on their legs didn't stop the illegal trade at all. Only by carving a number on the tortoise shell could they stop people buying them. As it takes about forever for a tortoise to reach maturity, you would think people could leave them alone. I know this problem has been around for a long time but thought it was good to tell anyway. Choose a dog or a cat as a pet, basically.

The macaques, a little black monkey, is struggling to survive in the wild because they are being eaten as party food. What makes it even more horrid is that of course the biggest animals are killed, leaving the younger ones in a state as leaders, parents disappear from the flock. When asked how this could be stopped to an extent the animal keeper answered; " By going to schools and tell children about it. Can you imagine parents continuing to serve a dinner no child will eat? ". Quite brilliant, when you think about it.
                                                               Credit: Dasha Dimitrova

On a happier note, I met Mr Brown, Jersey conservation trusts last Echo Parakeet. His two friends had died of old age and he was not getting younger himself. But as there was no longer any need to keep Echo Parakeets in captivity Mr Brown was not getting a new friend. And as he kept being bullied by other birds he now spent his last years in a nice, big aviary built just for him and his visitors. It only took about 40 years to save that particular spices.   

These are all naturally simplified versions of big problems and sad stories but good to think about, now and again. By choosing our travel destinations, what we buy and how much we want to care, we can make a difference. And it's also good to remember that it's not all misery and sadness. A lot is being done to save those who need help, both animals and humans. It just seems to take a long time... But it did feel good to visit a gang of really dedicated people doing what they do well. This particular animal sanctuary is also one big beautiful garden, woodland park and kitchen garden all blending in to one. And the Chilean flamingoes looked like they were wearing pink Crocs.

At Stoneback farm our sheep will soon need an optician as all the squinting can't be good for their eyes. Four large, ball like animals following one little chick looks absolutely wonderful. Pippi the hen has given up and is letting them tag along. I wish I could have brought Mr Brown over with me, as he would have fitted in just fine, with this lot.
Text by Nina

Next post will be on the 20th September.. Welcome back and tell your friends!

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