Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mr. Chip checks in.

We have now spent some months with Mr. Chip as a Cushing syndrome patient. After a slightly wobbly start we now seem to have mastered pills and doses. Starting from sleepy dog, going to hyper sensitive dog and now almost normal dog, all in one autumn season, is quite good work I think. We're still not out of the woods, so to speak but at least we are not stumbling around in complete darkness.

Being 13 years old does not help when you start new medication. Being a terrier never helps any process, as terriers tend to do things their own way. Having the worlds kindest dog makes everything easier and as the vet commented, "It would help their work a lot if more terriers were like Mr. Chip." He has been a very brave dog through all the blood tests and pills, and on top of that he hurt his leg.

It was on a morning walk that Mr. Chip stepped on a twig, yelled and made a leap like a snow fox. The leap was too much before all muscles had woken up so he pulled something and had to be carried home. It was those stupid sticks that are left after a clearing saw on a forest road that did it and now we have been convalescing for weeks and weeks. The vet suggested acupuncture but we chose to go home and read a good book instead. Lots of rest and no more needles for Mr. Chip, was the plan. I think we are getting there, although for a while our dear dog adapted a crab-like walk. He would start to walk sideways and pick up speed so at some point I could almost see his crab claws forming. It turned out that it was a way to recuperate as he's back to walking straight again.
Credit: Dasha Dimitrova

My normal reaction to Crab Chip would have been to rush to the vet and yell "All the treatments available, please! " but he has been through enough this autumn so we are trying home remedies first. He will be checked out this week when we go in for more blood tests.

Cushing syndrome is treatable and I'm starting to hope it's true in our case, too. Some evenings we have had dinner without Mr. Chip almost fainting next to us from being so appalled that some food in the house actually ends up on our plates. He does not drink all the water in the village at once anymore and his sleeping pattern has gone back to normal. When he was really stressed out, he fell into such deep sleep, that you thought he was in a coma. Very unnerving! He does shake more than he used to, though, so Parkinson's springs to mind. Maybe there is a connection? I will have to read up on that, too. In the meantime we will enjoy the company of our dear friend and hope for the best. The hens will have to watch out because Mr. Chip the hen hunter is back. Lina almost walked in to his mouth, yesterday, before catching on that the beast is back. I saved that situation but could not help being a little happy about it all. Mr. Chip has found his mode again, long may it last and we can try and keep him away from the hens. Also, having seen Lina's work with her beak, I think Mr. Chip would have let go very quickly. And let's face it, he's back but he still likes his hens plucked, thank you!

P.s. We had a day at the vet and Mr. Chip really is responding to his medicine. We were all very pleased with that news and glad that it was not just me thinking that way....

Text by Nina

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