Sunday, 6 December 2015

Animal Stories

I love it when people tell stories about their animals, present or past friends. That look in their eyes of faraway memories. That haunted look of someone telling me what his or her horse did yesterday. I remember those stories for a very long time. My brain works very well with my heart on those occasions. Tell me a story about what some people did and I forget the story before it's finished. I guess it's what you really care about...

We have had some hunting dogs and some fox terriers in our family that by now seem like old friends. The Finnish hunting dog is of a very kind nature and a true friend, so those you've had one as a family member are never forgotten. Fox terriers just get up to so much mayhem, when used as hunters, that the scars on your heart are permanent. Animals do that to you.

Stina, the first family dog my sister and I got to know was amazing. Born into a family of Champion dogs, American ancestors and as posh as they get.... she was a catastrophe on legs! Nothing stopped her. Once she fell of the back of a truck we were playing on for some reason. She did not even limp. Stina ate rat poison, vomited half a kilo of salt and poison and survived. She ended up on a block of ice, out on a brook in the spring, tipped it over and almost drowned - brave friend saved her that time. The stories go on and on... Her biggest accident was when she went off on her own to do some elk hunting and got kicked in the eye. She managed well with just one eye, after that.

I never forget the story of our friend who got into trouble over a runaway rabbit. It was the funniest story, told very well and just a perfect example of what animals do to us. We love them; they know it and carry on doing exactly what they feel like doing. This, all in the safe knowledge that when they get into trouble we will be there to help. Mr. Chip is a perfect example. By day he is the king of the world, by night he sleeps on our legs because it's a little dark. I have not felt my legs in the night for months - I can't move them in case I disturb the little fella.

My dear husband cracks me up with stories about Shaky, the family goldfish. And it's a fish! For this weeks picture I thought that maybe Dasha, our brilliant artist friend, would like to paint one of her animal memories. 
"During my childhood, when I was about 5 years old, I saw the turkey cockerel for the first time, when my parents and I were visiting my grandma in the summer. A have to say, that first acquaintance finished up with me up a tree, after the turkey-cock chased me! He did not like new people in his yard at all. However, a few days later I tried to become friends with him, feeding him with sunflower seeds. And finally he accepted me... And I was delighted by his colourful feathers and amorous comb" Dasha Dimitrova

I do know that if asked, our animals would all like to be in the picture. Molly would insist, as she has started a new job this autumn. Self -selected, Molly is now the official ambassador for all the sheep - in the world. When we get visitors, Molly steps forward and greets them with very royal manners. It's a bit surprising at times, but we can live with it. It's just that she looks like a rugby player and stands on your feet, to get closer.... You never see ambassadors do that. But she means well, bless her.

I did not bring up Elvira, the worlds kindest dog, in this text, as I would never stop. Elvira gets her own week, later on. For now, take care and remember to start thinking of Christmas presents for all your furry, feathery or maybe scaly friends. I'm making Christmas stockings for all and everyone. Small ones for the hens, otherwise they will think that I got them sleeping bags and move in.

P.s. A lovely Christmas present this year to a loved one could well be an adopted animal from Durrell zoo. They make a lovely gift out of it. And it helps saving animals, all around the world. Have a look at their web site, you will enjoy it!

Happy Independence Day to our Finnish readers.

Text by Nina

Next blog post on the 13th December.

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