Saturday, 21 January 2017

In the olden days - 30 years ago

Last week our local town had some problems with a small amount of bacteria in the water. So, everyone was asked to boil the water and generally use their common sense. This was informed on- line and on the local and national radio. It dawned on me that listening to BBC probably would not keep us informed if something serious were to happen. Fortunately, we have our own well.

I remember the safety drills from school. We were told to hide under our desks to save us from the bomb. This was during the Cold War, so hiding would maybe not have helped, had a catastrophe occurred.

In the Nineties we were told to keep a torch, a radio with working batteries and a full length raincoat ready in case of an emergency. (This was at work) You would really have felt like a right ninny, had we all been blown away, standing there in that ugly raincoat. Not to mention turning up at the pearly gate, hearing someone call out about "Not another Finn!" (You see I'm an optimist, and they fly upwards).

When Chernobyl did happen, we were all out picking berries and mushrooms, so we probably glow in the dark. A bit like Ebba's new frisbee. She really loves her funny new toy.

There was a discussion on the radio about what you would bring to a bomb shelter if a crisis was to occur. This was while driving to work one morning in December and it did not give me a fuzzy Christmas feel. Apparently, Sweden had done a survey and it was now talked about over here. People called in about books, food and comfortable things to wear. While the radio program carried on it hit me that my answer would be my nearest and dearest and a small zoo. The horrid feel of doom did not leave me all day and I still thought about it going to bed. I dislike doom and gloom.

The weather is getting more extreme, the world is often a cruel place and soon the world’s reserve of drinkable water will run out. Sad thoughts do turn up now and again. When they do I think of the ugly, full length raincoat and smile to myself. Being naive and slightly silly can sometimes help more than hard core realism. When needs be, I will lend a hand and not hide my head in the sand. Until then I might just sing out loud, hug a sheep and kiss a dog on her nose. This might give me worms but I'm a daredevil, so I will risk it.

I still have plans to do a year of more substance but this text just arrived, for some reason. Have a good week and remember to sing out loud and sing out clear, if you can manage it.

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