Saturday, 10 June 2017

We like the summer feel

Apples blossoms with busy chicks.

I must say that the summer months feel like a complete luxury life to us all. The hens have turned into a pack of wild birds and are taking over their world. They spend their time out in the forest, playing in streams and jumping around on large stones in the water. It is a joy to see them so happy and the young hens move around together. Ten, loudly beeping birds that play games in the trees and fly like odd looking doves.

Our dear sheep are roaming the countryside, napping under some blossoming tree and then continuing with their munching. They do pop over to greet me now and again, but they don't have time to chat, much.

Our lovely dog is doing her own sort of blossoming. Ebba has started to interact more with people she does not know very well. She has also fallen head over heals for the smallest dog in the village. I told you about him earlier - a mix of Chihuahua and terrier of some sort and very small and feisty. Now that dear Ebba finally got to meet him nose to nose she fell like a ton of bricks for the little fellow. He on the other hand must feel like hanging out with a giant, so he growls at our funny dog and struts around like Napoleon. Love is not easy, but it did lead to Ebba now finding the confidence to chat with Napoleon's people as well. She even kissed one of the owners on her nose.

The hare that's placing out her young ones around our home is sticking to her guns. She has clearly told the baby hares that big dogs are better and safer than foxes, so here they are. When Ebba spends time in her outdoor pen, there are always small ears sticking out from the grass on the other side of the fence. It's like our dog is moving around with her own entertainment unit and we just have to keep everyone alive and safe.

One morning when I let the animals out for the day, dear husband returned from the morning walk with Ebba. I joked about the whole gang gathering and at the same time one small hare rushed over, sat down next to us, watching all its new friends. Our dog is going to soon get a headache.

I sat outside on the step one day, finishing a sowing project. It was a sunny, warm afternoon and Ebba was outside too. As I had my hands full, Trisha the hen saw her chance and boldly walked past me into the house. I could hear her plodding about and the clinking of food bowls as Trisha served herself and ate the rest of Ebba's lunch. Trisha stayed in the house for some time, clearly appreciating her "me time", away from the rest of the hens. When the visit was over she just passed me on the step, gave me a nod of greeting and carried on. Hens are funny birds.

We now know that our dear friend Ebba will not join any passing theatre companies, any time soon.
Her day out with dear husband went calmly but that was mainly because the dear dog was slightly startled by the whole thing. People in costumes and loud voices made Ebba hang around the safety of her car a lot. She was very relieved when I turned up to fetch her home. Dear husband, did not look sad, either.

The party we put together for our friend turned out to be a lovely affair. It was open invitation so people came and much laughter was heard. Some tears were also shed as it was an ending of an era, but that was expected. Our friend is loved by many and it was fun to be one of the caterers, hanging in the background, while she shone like the sun in the midst of friends and family.

My shining moment came when the clearing up started and I proudly took charge of the industrial dishwashing machine. I had an instruction manual and switched on anything and everything. Dishes gathered and sorted, all buttons pressed and swoosh, the machine started washing. The only problem was that I was so concentrated on getting everything right that I forgot to put the dirty dishes into the machine. So there I stood, giggling to myself while I pre washed an already very clean piece of machinery. Not my proudest moment, but then again, opening it mid washing to check was not clever, either. I was a little damp around the edges on my way home.

We have a family of grey wagtails nesting in our ventilation pipe above the shower room. They must have a warm and snug life. We also get an additional chirpy sound in the house that makes me think of those meditation cds. No whale soundtracks for us, we do the homespun version of calming down.

Dear Darya is feeling poorly so we have to make do with photos for the moment. We want to send her " Get well soon! " greetings from all of us here at Stoneback farm and hope for a speedy recovery. There is nothing worse than being ill in warm weather. Well there is, but you know what I mean.

Take care and hope the sun is warming all and everyone. Chirpy Chirp say our new neighbours.

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